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Fast Weight Loss by Drinking Water

Well, many studies show that drinking water helps reduce weight. In fact, on average, close to 80% of people aiming to lose weight are advised to include water into their diet to have fast and accurate results. Just doing regular morning and evening workouts without implementing the intake of water just slows down the process of weight loss. There are a lot of benefits that come with adding water to your diet, some of which are not only associated with just weight loss.

A good example is the healing effect water has on the skin. It also helps soothe digestion problems. Also, water helps flush out toxins and maintain a healthy complexion. These are just but a few benefits of water. There are numerous ways water can help in your dieting. Today we shall focus on how having water in your diet is going to help you cut down on some kilos.

There are a number of people who have had a hard time knowing where is it that they should start from when wanting to lose weight. In some case, others just want a motivating factor. Well, am here to assure you that just simply starting from that “one glass” after every meal should do you the wonders you are searching for.

Researchers are yet to pinpoint exactly how water intake results in weight loss, however, what they all can agree on is that weight loss is directly correlated to water. Thus to say one way or another water intake directly affects weight loss and there are a lot of studies that have been carried out over the years to prove this hypothesis.

I managed to come up with a number of ways that water affects your diet and how it directly relates to your body. Also, there are a few notes you could take from this study about what amount of water does what to your body.

I bet that after this article, you might just want to consider trading in that can of Pepsi after supper for a glass of water instead. Without any more chit and chatter, let’s just dive in, shall we?

Water suppresses appetite

I am sure that if you have done a lot of dieting research then chances are that you have probably come across this point quite a number of times in lots of blogs and videos. Well, this is very much a fact rather than fiction.

See, thirst and hunger are very much on the same spectrums here. At times you might feel thirsty while in real sense you are hungry. Whereas sometimes you might also feel hungry while in real sense you are just thirsty.

When water is taken in it gives the body and most so the stomach a feeling of satisfaction, so when you take the water you no longer feel hungry anymore. Thus means no need to take your chances with a beef burger or pizza at lunch. Instead, you could just have a bottle of water. This helps as water does not help increase your weight at all. There are no cholesterols nor fats that come with water intake so no need to worry about what goes into your body.

Resting energy expenditure

This is just a fun and cool way of saying the burning of calories. A fun fact is that water intake helps in reducing the calories you burn. In adults, the rate at which calories are burnt has been discovered to increase by at least 24% within just 10 minutes of water intake.

This effect is even greater when drinking cold water since the body usually expands the energy and calories by heating up the cold water to prepare for digestion.

And if all these sound too good to be true, a study carried out in 2014 was actually aimed at proving these facts. Where 12 people were put to drink room and cold water to see the effect it has on burning off calories. They all drunk 500 ml of their respective glasses of water and experienced an increase in energy expenditure.

Water helps in removing waste off of the body

Water plays a key role in the removal of wastes such as faecal matter and urine out of the body. These wastes already bare a large amount of water that is already contributed to by our bodies.

Water plays a role in helping kidneys to filter toxins and waste while also retaining the essential nutrients and electrolytes. This means that when you do not give the body enough water then the kidneys hold fast to the fluid.

Lack of water also gives lumpy stools and constipation. Thus water helps keep the waste moving by relatively softening stools that are hard.

Problems such as indigestion and diarrhoea can also be overcome by introducing water into the diet of the patient.

Now, this helps the body lose weight because when there are excess amounts of waste in the body, one may feel bloated which in turn adds a few inches to a person’s waist and if not checked, some pounds.

Liquid calorie intake reduction

Believe it or not, drinks and beverages such as soda, alcohol, sports drinks, juice and sweetened tea or coffee help accumulate liquid calories.

Just by replacing some of these high-calorie drinks that you have grown accustomed to with water could help you go a long way in your weight loss routine.

In fact, in 2012, a study showed that replacing at least two high-caloric beverages with water for a period set 6 months increased the weight loss by 2.5% in women suffering obesity.

In 2015, another study was conducted, this time on females, to find out how much weight can be lost if these women took 250ml of water every day while attending a 24-week weight loss program. The results came out positive as the women lost close to 13.6% more weight than women in the same program who were put to drink the same level of diet beverages after every lunch they had.

So it really just wouldn’t hurt you so much to put down the can of soda and trade it in for something more nutritional such as water. Remember, water might not be as sweet as soda or juice but it has its own natural sweetness that just makes it stand out.

Lipolysis/ Fat metabolism

The metabolism of stored fat and carbohydrates is solely dependant on water. The process of metabolizing fats starts from hydrolysis which involves water molecules.

Drinking enough water is also important for burning off fat from drinks and food as well as stored fat which for me, sounds like a very correct way of minding what you eat.

Water helps in exercising

Water helps in the movement of muscles, joints and connective tissues. Water also helps the effective work of the heart, lungs and other organs as they steadily incline during exercise.

Muscle cramp and fatigue can also hinder a good work out session. That is why it is advisable to carry a bottle of water while working out because it helps curb such problems. Additionally, it is advisable to always take water before, during and after the work out session to avoid dehydration due to the amount of water lost through sweat.

The Amount Of Water You Ought To Take

As we have established, there are so many things that are dependant on the water in your body. As much as there are a lot of adverts that advise that you should at least take 8 glasses of water, I believe that water intake will depend solely on the individual’s lifestyle.

A good example is those that exercise regularly and in turn, lose a lot of water due to sweat. It is advisable to always have a bottle of water when heading out to get some exercise.

There are also mothers who breastfeed that need to constantly keep a check on their water intake.

A good way to make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated is to always take water when you are thirsty and always have enough water that quenches your thirst.

Apart from weight loss, you will find that water has a lot more benefits. Whenever you feel angry, have a headache, or are constantly hungry, you could use this as a cheat code to have a glass or two of water because sometimes these are caused by mild dehydration.

It is also not advisable to take excess water as it causes a condition better referred to as water toxicity which can also lead to death if not checked but only in extreme cases. (It’s not like you would die from taking like three glasses of water, so it’s not an excuse to stay dehydrated)

Bottom line is that water is very essential perhaps even more essential than the food that you take on a daily basis. So it is advisable to switch up just a section of your diet and squeeze in at least a glass or two of water.

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