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Top 11 Hot Air Fryers to cook you an oil-free crispy chicken

Hungry for some crispy chicken legs from KFC, but want to gain that extra pound? Well worry to not because today we are going to list some of the best Hot Air Fryers that cook restaurant quality chicken for you without any added oil which is just as crispy and juicy. Now fried foods will be just as amazing without a single drop of oil being used. Get back to your favourite little black dress and flaunt those new found curves with an oil free diet.

Here we have curated a list of top best Hot Air Fryers that are sure to blow you away with the amazing features they hold towards helping you attain an oil free life-style. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them and the features installed.

1- GoWISE 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer:

Now who doesn’t love red and that too at an affordable price? The GoWISE 8-in-1 Electric Fryer is one of the best Hot Air Fryer that is sure to fetch the price you paid. The colour red adds to the charm of this thing and spices up the decor of your kitchen like a chilli does to any dish. When the price card says it’s affordable, look no further as this fryer is the first step towards your ultimate goal of leading a healthy life which is disease-free especially from the chronic ones such as diabetes or High blood pressure. Equipped with 8 preset settings for cooking your dish, you can easily warm-up your pre-cooked meal or get your chips ready to be eaten, steak your juicy meat and even bake an amazing and fluffy cake all at the comfort of your home without a single drop of oil with this oil free fryer.

This amazing Fryer comes with overheat protection option which also includes automatic switch off and even automatic standby mode for switch and safe oil free fryer cooking. This fryer helps you cook much faster than any standard oven and that too at a much faster speed.


1- Colour: Red Chilli

2- Type: Electric based Air Fryer with ETL certification

3- Presets: 8 preset cooking options

4- Cooking time: Maximum 30 minutes with temperature control facility from 176 degree Fahrenheit to 392 degree Fahrenheit

5- Weight: 6 Kg

6- Price: $80

2- Black+Decker HF110SBD oil free fryer:

If you are looking for best hot air fryer that is capable of tending to large orders, then the HF110SBD oil free fryer is probably your best bet to a healthy living option for the whole family. The fryer comes with a huge capacity of 2 litres in a stainless steel body with an amazing black colour which helps you fit up to 8 chicken wings easily for your family dinner. The wide range of temperature helps you cook any variety of food be it the frozen vegetables or a cheesy pizza roll. The fryer works with a dual convection fan system which in combination with heat spreads out the hot air evenly around the food which results in an amazing and crispy food that is sure to make your mouth water.

The body is laced with a non-stick cooking surface that helps you take out the oil without the need of any cooking spray or oil. To top it, the fryer basket plus basket separator both are dishwasher friendly ones. Enjoy a guilt free trip of your favourite fried food without consuming any oil. You can also follow the manual provided with the fryer to obtain a quick guide through the operations of cooking time or required temperature and others.


1- Capacity: 2 litres

2- Colour: Black

3- Temperature range: 175 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit

4- Body: Stainless steel

5- Warranty: 2 year

6- Price: $101

3- Philips Advance:

Philips Advance, one of the fastest oil free fryers when compared to most of the alternatives found in the market. This badass machine is the biggest out of them all with a cooking speed of 30 % faster than other fryers of the oil free type. The Philips Advance XL digital Air fryer has even walked past the Elite platinum with the mark of the most high capacity oil free air fryer in the market. This ultra-large air fryer has a serving capacity of around 3 pounds per batch.

The off-beat and exclusive starfish design helps circulate hot air evenly throughout the entire cooking. This ensures that the food comes out real crisp and with perfect chew on the inside without causing the food to dry out. Apart from grilling, toasting or baking, the air fryer also steams so that you have a wide array of options to serve your family or even entertain the guests with your amazing cooking skills.


1- Body: Dishwasher safe

2- Interface: Digital Touch screen

3- Timer: Up to 60 Minute

4- Temperature: Adjustable up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit

5- Price: $299

4- Big Boss Air Fryer:

The Big Boss Fryer provides you a flexible cooking option among the top oil free fryers with its triple cooking powerful options. You can cook your food with halogen, convection and infrared heat option whichever you prefer. If you are looking for an option to quickly cook your frozen food, the big boss fryer stands true to its name as you do not require any additional thawing time. All you have to do is put your frozen food inside the fryer, set the required time and the Big Boss takes care of everything for you.  This fryer comes with two trays which helps you cook multiple foods at the same time and that too much faster. If you opt get the benefit of minimal energy consumption with up to three times faster cooking than any other conventional fryer.

With this heart friendly alternative of cooking, you can gorge in your favourite food and be healthy at the same time, without having to give up your beloved fried food for the sake of health. The big boss Air fryer is a good oven replacement all the while indulging you in a healthy living option. Its best to you.


1- Weight: 14.7 pounds

2- Colour: Silver

3-Power and capacity: 16 Quart, 1300 watt

 4- Cooking options: Halogen, Convection and infrared heat

5- Tray: Multiple tray option (Maximum two)

6- Price: $72

5-Nutrichef Electric Air Fryer:

Multi-tasking while cooking is a mountainous task because you never know when the food is at the brink of getting burnt and spoiling all your efforts. With Nutrichef Electric Air Fryer you can be assured that while you are away after setting that 60 minutes timer, your food is being handled with care by this amazing oil free air fryer. The fryer has been designed to act as a multipurpose one by allowing you to bake, roast, grill and also fry your favourite meal whenever you feel like eating a fried food minus the oil.

Any excess oil is stored in the basket of the tray away from your food so that you get to consume as minimal oil as possible. Non-Stick coating helps you easily clean the basket without having to scrub off the remaining food that sticks to the surface in the non-coated ones.


1- Capacity: 4 litre basket

2- Weight: 4.8 kg

3- Display: Digital

4- Temperature: Up to 400 degree Fahrenheit

5-Price: $90

6- E’Cucina home healthy Fry Air Fryer:

Cooking in a conventional oven or fryer creates hot spots which results in uneven cooking and thus parts of the food remains uncooked with some burnt and some overcooked. The Powerfully integrated fan in the E’Cucina home healthyFry Air Fryer helps tackle all this issues by spreading out the hot air evenly throughout the interiors. Every nano-inch of your food acquires the same temperature throughout the process of cooking in one of the best hot air fryers. The beautiful display along with the amazing black shade gives your kitchen a modern touch and enhances the quality and look of your interior.

You can set the temperature for up to 60 minutes cooking time according to your requirement with a 10 degree Fahrenheit increment with every press of the button.


1- Warranty: 1 year

2- Colour: Black

3- Capacity: Three quarts

4- Voltage: 1350W

5- Cooking time: up to 60 minutes

6- Weight: 13.1 pounds

7- Price: $110

7. Oil free air fryer:

The stylish jet black colour on the outside of this oil free air fryer gives it a classy and posh look which is complimented by the stainless steel plating. The + and – buttons helps you quickly navigate through the temperature and enables you to increase or decrease it according to your needs. The temperature feature helps you set the perfect temperature for accuracy. The moment your cooking is over, the machine automatically turns off and prevents your food from getting burned or overcooked.

For easy and problem free heating, you can select from the featured 8 short-cuts in the menu button which includes options like warm-up, chicken steak, meat, fish and even cake. The Rapid hot air option cooks your food real fast without compromising on the quality or taste and keeping the nutrition level intact to help you through your healthy life style.


1- Colour: Jet Black

2- Body: Stainless steel plating

3- Cooking Time: Up to 30 minutes

4- Cleaning: Dishwasher safe basket and pan

5- Weight: 10 lbs

6- Price: $179

8- Glip AF800 Oil-less Air Fryer:

Want to follow a healthy life style but conventional air fryers bringing your pocket down? Well worry no more, because the way Glip AF800 has been designed you will surely be investing in a fryer that is quite easy on your pocket plus provides all the benefits of the best hot air fryer out in the market. This wallet-friendly alternative helps you prepare a delicious and healthy meal in a limited time with its high temperature feature which ranges up to 400 degree Fahrenheit. This high powered temperature setting allows you to cook even the most complicated meal in a small time frame of up to 20 minutes. The dishwasher friendly basket ensures that the equipment is squeaky clean for the next use without you having to put in an extra piece of effort to scrub off that leftover food stuck in the sides and bottom of the basket.

The whole package comes with an additional cook book and heat resistant pad so that you can try out amazing and healthy dishes in this oil free fryer which will surely be relished by your friends and family. The air cycling feature and air flow designed for multiple surface provides a comprehensive heating option for cooking your healthy food.


1- Weight: 13 pounds

2- Colour: Black

3- Power and capacity: 1400W, Voltage: 120V/60Hz with 2.2 litre capacity

4- Temperature: up to 400 Degree

6- Timer: Up to 30 minutes

7- Body: Stainless steel

8- Price: $104

9- Elite Platinum Digital Air Fryer:

Your better half invited his colleagues and you are the host of the evening, now preparing food in a large amount can be pretty time consuming and hectic. With the new Elite Platinum Digital Air Fryer you can avoid the worries of being unavailable to your guests with amazing food in time. This oil free air fryer has been designed keeping in mind the requirement for large families who love to indulge in healthy eating habits without compromising on the quality of the food. At a single go you can prepare around 2 pounds of food which is perfect to feed a gathering of four people. With the quick short-cut settings, you can easily select six options to proceed with your cooking immediately without wasting a single moment.

With the amazing use of heat vapours, your food comes out all and that too without oil, you are really in for a treat. This easy option saves you a lot of time and energy plus the auto-shut down option prevent any kind of over-cooking or burning.


1- Colour: Black

2- Short cut option: 6

3-Capacity: 3.5 quart basket

4- Safety features: Overheat protection, non-stick coating, cool-touch pan handles

5- Weight: 13.23 lbs

6- Temperature: 175-395 degree Fahrenheit

7-Voltage: 120 Volts

8-Wattage: 1400 watts

9-Price: $86

10- Gourima GTA-2500 oil free Air fryer:

Most air fryers out in the market restrict you from experimentation. Eating the same kind of healthy food gets boring eventually and you end up devouring that big stake laced with oil or any other unhealthy food to bring about a change. To provide a solution to all your worries, the Gourima GTA-2500 oil free Air fryer helps you indulge in a wider range of cuisines with its amazing built-in features. Also for your convenience you are provide 10 easy and different cooking short cuts which include air sauté, steam, grill, air fry, bake and more. These modes are further complimented by the 11-piece accessory kit where each has a separate function according to the different modes of operation.

The fryer features power-packed convection current with hot air for cooking which suitably replaces the traditional forms of deep frying which lead to nothing but an array of diseases and weight gain.


1- Weight: 454 grams

2- Cleaning: Dishwasher friendly non stick interior

3- Price: $180

4- capacity: 2.6 gallons

5- Cooking option: halogen bulb

6- Temperature: 175- 450 degree Fahrenheit

7-Timer: up to 60 minutes

11- Philips Viva collection Airfryer:

Want to lose those extra pounds for your best friend’s wedding but giving up delicious deep fried food isn’t your forte? Well, worry no more, because the market holds a lot of options in best hot air fryers and amidst them Philips Viva Collection Air fryer tops the chart in helping with fat reduction in your daily intake of calories. Frying doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a utensil full of oil. This very machine brings down the fat in your food by almost 70% which is a pretty high count if you are looking forward to losing weight.

The non-stick layering inside the fryer helps you easily take out your meal without having to scrub out the food particles. The basket is also a dishwasher friendly one, so you do not need to indulge yourself in manual cleaning. With a long two years warranty you can be assured that you are investing in the best hot air fryer out in the market.


1- Price: $192

2- Warranty: two years

3- Weight: 7.0 kg

4- Timer: Up to 30 minutes

5- Body: Plastic

6- Frequency: 50/60 Hz

7- Power: 1425 W

8- Voltage: 230V

9- Colour: Black

10-Safety options: Non-slip feet, automatic shut down, cool exterior walls

So on your next journey to a fat free and delicious diet; make sure you check out the best hot air fryers available in the market to make an educated decision about investing in a healthy life-style.

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