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Keto Dark Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting / Keto Recipes / Keto Dessert

Note: If you are Keto Beginner then we have some guidance and tips for you. Also we compiled more KETO RECIPES for you. CLICK HERE

4.9 net carbs per slice


CALS: 320
FAT: 29.1
CARBS: 8.1
FIBRE: 3.2


– 1/2 cup sour cream
– 4 tbsp black cocoa
– 2 tbsp regular cocoa
– 1/4 cup water (59ML)
– 100g melted butter
– 1/3 (75g) cup sugar substitute
– 2 eggs
– 2 cups (192g) almond flour
– 1 tsp baking soda (or powder if using non-Dutch processed cocoa)
– 2 tsp vinegar


– 8oz Cream Cheese
– 5 tbsp sugar substitute
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 1/2 cup(67g) peanut butter


In a bowl, mix together your sour cream, cocoa and water. Add in your sugar substitute and melted butter.

Add in one egg at a time, whisking the egg into the mix.

Once all your eggs are in, whisk in your almond flour.

Separate the batter into two bowls equally. In a small bowl, stir together 1 tsp of white vinegar and 1/2 tsp of baking soda. It will start to foam. Pour that into one bowl with the batter and mix in.

Take that bowl with the baking soda mixed in, and pour the batter into a lined cake pan. I used a 7-inch cake pan.

Bake at 350 for roughly 40 minutes or until the cake passes the toothpick test. Set aside and let it cool.

In the meantime, stir the remaining baking soda and vinegar together and pour it into the other bowl of batter.

Pour into a lined cake pan and bake.

For the icing, it’s super easy, just use a mixer to blend together all the ingredients.

Once your cakes have cooled, you can ice them and and you’re ready to go! Top with some blueberries if you’d like.

Keep in the fridge and it will last about a week. You can also freeze it.

This makes roughly 10 slices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are new to Keto please remind

If you are in ketosis and eat outside of this food group not only could it take you out of ketosis, but it could spike your blood sugar! Which can make you sick.

I intermittent fast 5 times a week (after month 1) – nothing to eat that’s over 50 calories from 6:30PM – 12:30PM, NEXT DAY. I have my coffee with HWC and drink my water. You will find you are not hungry once you are in ketosis.

Signs of being in ketosis: THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!

Bad headache after 1st week – known as keto flu (see electrolyte suggestions above to get rid of it). Metal taste or bad taste in mouth.

Also Check out a guidelines for KETO NEWBIE, CLICK BELOW

Dos and Don’ts of KETOGENIC Diet for Beginner / Secrets of Fitness; KETO Diet

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