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Repeated 4 to 5 Mcqs per Paper


· Most sensitive and specific for liver necrosis is →ALT.

· Hemoglobin binds with → HEPTOGLOBIN, and hemebinds with HEMOPEXIN.

· Neural tube defect confirmatory test ACETYLCHOLINE ESTRASE more specific than AFP.

· For fetal lung maturity in pregnant womanàBetamethasone prophylaxis is given.

· Mother child bonding → FosB gene.

· Heparin leads to __Hyperkalemia.

· Right bronchial artery is One and supplied by à3rd right posterior intercostle artery

and on left side there are two bronchial arteries that arises from aorta. REF, RJ LAST.

· After moderate hemorrhage Serum proteins return to normal in ___3 to 4 days. REF, Ganong.

· SPHENOID bone is an example of PNEUMATIC bone.

· Bacteria adhere to cell membrane by →pilli.

· Metastatic calcification is an important feature of hyperparathyroidism but it can also occur in Hypoparathyroidism.

· Coronary arteries anatomose at →Arteriolar level.

· During appendectomy →illeohypogastric nerve is most likely damaged..

· Glucose is primary source of energy for àfetal metabolism.

· During liver cirrhosis àcaudate lobe is more likely preserved.

· Body Tempratre is regulated bypreoptic area of anterior hypothalamus.

· PR depression is more specific for àPERICARDITIS.

· Small gut resection increase absorption and urinary excretion of oxalate leading to kidney stone formation REFRENCE →Davidson.

· Urine out put of normal adult is à1.5L.

· Meisner corpuscle àtactile two point discrimination.

· In Infectious mononucleosis à Infected cells are Bcells and Atypical lymphocytes or activated cells are →CD8+ Tcells.

· EXERCISING skeletal muscle does NOT depent on INSULIN for glucose uptake .Ref →Sherwood.

· 10% of Erythropoitin is also synthesized by liver besides kidney While Globulins are entirely synthesized by plasma cell.

· Deficiency of factor 12 leads to Thrombosis inspite of bleeding.

· Factor v laden or factor v mutation leads to thrombosis.

· Factor v deficiency leads to bleeding.

· Normal mitral valve area is 4 to 6 cm2.

· EntameobaHistolytica lesion most common in →Cecum.

· Submandibular gland surgery nerve most common damaged is marginal mandibular branch of fascialnerve ,other nerves involved includes Lingual, hypoglossal, and myelohyoid nerve .

· Gastric ulcers most common on lesser curvature near incisura angularis.

· Increasese activity seen where before the start of movement→

Cortical association areas.

· PT is best indicator of hepatic synthesis function.

· Of all free radicals HYDROXY -OH group is most reactive.

· Libman sac endocarditis involves mitral and Aortic valves .

· Most common nerve damaged during Thyroidectomy is External laryngeal nerve.

· PUBERTAL changes in order of sequence


· Slowly depolarizing prepotential →SA node.

· Most→common→complicationof →TPN→HYPERGLYCEMIA.

· In RBC cell membrane, Chloride &Bicarb exchange occurs through→ Band 3.

· SUBMUCOSA strongest layer of →SMALL INTESTINE.

· Total spems produced by two testes perday →120 million.


· The medial geniculate body a thalamic nucleus→Lies on mid brain.

· Least→irritating→substance→when→free→in→peritoneal-cavity is→BLOOD.

· Scurvy can lead to HEMOPERICARDIUM.

· Formaldehyde is used to preventà autolysis.

· Ependyma has NoàBasement membrane.

· Frontal lobe leison →Lack of motivation.

· Classic hemophillia deficiency of SMALLER component of factor VIII.

· DEEP sleep àLoss of peripheral vascular tone and REM sleep loss of →muscular tone.

· Shortest pro-erythrocytic phase plasmodium FALCIPARUM and longest plasmodiumMALARIAE.

· Group of muscles involved in Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy àDELTOID.

· A patient is started on lithium noticesfasiculationinhand muscles after few weeks of treatment blood lithium level was tested and most likely isGreater than à 2.

· Pubic hair development due to Andrenal androgen.

· To calculate plasma OsmolarityNa is multiplied by 2 à Anions.

· Washed RBcs preventà allergic reaction.

· Short acting benzodiazepines include midazolam and triazolam.

· Where is the pace maker if no p wave present on ecgàAV node.

· Most specific test for SLE is Anti-smith antibodies followed by Anti-DsDNA. And most sensitive is ANA.

· The most specific diagnostic test for HIT → Serotonin Release Assay.

· The Gold Standard Diagnostic Test for H.Pylori Infection → Microbial Culture.

· In acute liver failure best prognostic indicator is PT followed by Factor v estimation.

· Which of the following is notcharacteristic of hypopituitarismàCACHEXIA.

· Which of the following is secreted from All three zones of Adrenal cortex àCORTICOSTERONE.

· In Newborn organ with almost same size of adult àINNER EAR.

· Hormone produced in normal concentration during pregnancyàGH.

· 21 year old having severe ulcerative colitis which of the following is indicated àIv corticosteroids.

· Most common type of glomerulonrphritisàIga nephropathy.

· Spinal cord is suspended in the middle of the dural sheath by →Ligamentum Denticulatum.

· Knee Jerk → L3 , L4àIf L3, L4 aren’t given as such , but L3 alone is given in options → Mark L3 → Main contributor of Knee Jerk is L3.

· Remnant of epiphyseal plate is Epiphyseal line.

· Reverse t3 is abundant in body of àfetus .

· Most important cells of chronic inflammationàMacrophages and most abundant Lymphocytes.

· Most common acquired thrombotic disorder is =anti-phospholipidsyndrome,While most common inherited disorder is =factor V Mutation (laiden).

· Leucocyte alkaline phosphatase (LAP) is high inàLeukamoid reaction.

· In liver cell injury, the enzyme decreased isàpseudocholinestrase.

· After partial hepatectomy Regeneration takes à5 to 7 days in total.

· Superficial dorsal vein of penis drain into saphenous vein andDeep dorsal vein into prostatic plexus known as plexus of santoriniàinternal illiac vein.

· The most frequent cause of pyogeniclivwrabcess isàAscendingcholengitis.

· Moderate hemorrhage leads to àpostural dizziness.

· Cerebellar lesion will not lead toàMuscle paralysis.

· Hypercalcemia will lead to formation ofà24,25hydroxicholecaliciferol.

· Inc.serium calcium causesàpolyuria.

· Dermatome from infraclavicular to sternal angle →C4.

· Levodopa in parksinson causes àOrthostatichypotention.

· Most common measure of central tendencyàMean.

· Facial pain hyperacusesganlion involved àGeniculate (Rampsay hunt syndrome).

· Left 7th bronchopulmonary segment is calledàmedial basal.

· Mediastinal pleura supplied by àphrenic nerve.

· All short muscles of hand involved →C8T1and if Lateral part of thenareminance spared →ulnar.

· which of the following is the Alactacidoxigen debt à3.5 liter.

· Enzyme inhibitor isàgrape fruit juice.

· Liver angiosarcoma most common cause is Vinylchloride and in farmers it is Arsenic.

· Deep inspiration leads to increaseà pulmonary compliance.

· Dry heat kills bacteria byàoxidation and moist heat by Coagulation of protein.

· After vagotomy of stomach paristalsis become irregular or chaotic.

· After complete transaction of small intestine has little or no effect on peristalsis.

· Hypermagnessemia causesàDec Ach release.

· Neuronal excitability àalkalosis.

· Acidosis depress nerve excitability.

· Cld and varicealbleedingàTerlipressin as Terlipressin has much more mortality benifit over Octreotide.

· Pulsation swelling behind orbit with proptosisàCavernous sinus fistula.

· The infection with clostridium tetani spreads viaàmotor nerves.

· Hypo-cellular bone marrow with fatty changeàAplasticanaemia.

· Maximum cortical representationà lips.

· Liver disease is most fatal in pregnancyàFatty liver disease of pregnancy.

· Hilar dance à ASD.

· Common complication of diabetes #Dry gangrene (ref #Asim) and Diabetic foot is an example of →wet gangrene(ref Harsh mohan)

· RinG finGer has Got sensorysupply from all three nerves i.eulnar /radial /medain

Thumb has Gotmotor supply from all three nerves.

· Which of the following is the commonest location of hypertensive hemorrhage___Putamen.

· circadian rhythm bronchoconstriction maximum in____Morning .

· SpleNum beloNgs to →Corpus collosum,

· Folium belongs to →Cerebellum .

· Insula is present in →Lateral sulcus.

· S1 louder in which conditionà PR interval less than normal.

· Most common presentation of pulmonary emboli is___clinically silent.

· During lumbar sympathectomy which ganglion is to be saved____L1.

· Minimum amount of urine in dehydration to remove waste products____400 to 500 ml

· Dead space increase in___Hypotension.

· Spinal-Cord ends at (conusmedullaris)→L1 level.

· Filumterminale(internum)extention of pial matter ends at →S2 level.

· Dura-matter→ends→at→S2.

· Arachnoid matter ends at →S2 level.

· Coccygeal ligament extention of dura matter (filumterminaleexternum) starts from #s2 and and ends at Coccyx Coccygeal segment of spinal cord lies at L1 level.

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